Thursday, 18 June 2009

The journey begins

On Monday 20th July 18 members of the Fenlanders chapter of the Harley Owners Group (HOG) from the Ipswich area will fly with Virgin Atlantic to Los Angeles to start a 2,500 mile journey that takes in Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and San Francisco. The 16 day "Wild West Tour" is organised by Eaglerider. They supply the Harleys, plan the route, book the hotels and provide a road captain to lead the group. You can see a map of our route and find out details of the places we'll visit at

I'm told by Les and Sue that the idea for this trip began two years ago with a casual conversation about my trip to Sturgis in 2006. "Where are you going next?" they asked and off the top of my head I said that I really fancied riding Route 66. Before long several other people expressed interest and the planning started in earnest.


  1. Hi steve having fun how was the canyon?we all miss u enjoy next leg of journey.everyone at gypsie camp well luv u loads edna,kyle and gang xxxxxx

  2. hi steve how was alcatras let you out?all went ok at meeting today tell you more sunday .did u win in vegas?hate to wish away your hols but cant wait till sunday 9th enjoy the rest of it luv ya loads ED and the gang xxxxxx