Saturday, 1 August 2009

Day 7 - Wednesday 27 July 2009 - Bryce Canyon to Las Vegas

Sorry for the delay in posting our latest news - no free wi-fi access!

Breakfast at 6am and on the bikes at 7am to ride into Bryce Canyon. Just when we thought we'd seen it all, some new landscape comes into view. Altitude is our friend and we're at 8,000 feet above sea level looking down into Bryce Canyon, so everyone is wearing jackets and gloves for this early morning sightseeing tour. As we ride through the park on our way to the canyon viewing points we pass deer grazing on the lush green grass. Then it's up to "Inspiration Point" (elevation 8,100 feet above sea level) for our first glimpse of the canyon.

Then back to our hotel to load our bags onto the support vehicle and set off to Zion National Park. By this time we are starting to run out of words to describe the natural wonders that we are seeing. Each park is more breathtaking than the previous one, yet each is magnificent in its own way. Pause for another group photo.

A young Morman rancher, whose homestead was right in the canyon near present-day Zion Lodge, named this place because its grandeur reminded him of a passage in the Bible about Zion, "A place in the mountains where the Lord's house shall be established."

From Zion National Park we start to descend towards Las Vegas and as we do, the temperature begins to rise. By the time we hit the freeway into Las Vegas the temperature has soared to 105F. So everyone is relieved to get to the Excalibur Hotel where we spend the next two nights on our Las Vegas stopover.


  1. Looks are the bikes running at that altitude?

  2. The Excalibur hotel looks amazing! Does it have a round table and people in suits of armour??

  3. I stayed at this hotel during my stay in vegas. It's a lovely place! Great location too.