Saturday, 1 August 2009

Day 8 - Thursday 30 July 2009 - Las Vegas

Today is a rest day and a chance to explore Las Vegas. So much to see and so little time.

The Bellagio flower garden

The Paris casino

The MGM Grand

New York, New York

Fremont Street

And, of course, a visit to the local Harley Davidson dealer for those "must have" bits of chrome.


  1. WOW Trip seems to be going great i'm sure the pictures dont do the places justice but they look fabulous; i'm enjoying the blog to see what you're all up to. I'm glad to see Mum smiling on the picture as i have been so worried about her although i'm sure the shoping trip made her smile!? love to pops....missing you both especially my shopping partner!! love and best wishes to all. M,K and little Shannon. Leo & Lee also send their best. XXX

  2. MESSAGE FOR FRANKIE AND DEBBIE: las vegas baby!!!! woop woop!!!! wish i was there looks amazin,miss u dad,love you like fat people love cake!!!! love leanne xxxx p.s spent food money on booze for party,fish r dead and holly dogs now a junkie on her first come down ;-)
    Hello David and debbie mum here, so pleased your enjoying yourself,thank you for the postcard,hope its not too hot for you,love to you both,see you soon x x x

  3. Hi Y'all! Great to see you all having such a blast..livin' the dream an all that..dead jealous! Thinking of you all, and wishing you all a safe, but full'o'surprises adventure.
    Kelly xxx